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Premiere in the USA

Unbelievable but It was my first time in the USA. No Joke. There where the most of my followers come from.

I have been in the City of Angels in Los Angeles and met a few angels there to produce hot content for you...
Jill Hardener | 09 Jun 2023

LOS ANGELES is calling

I am getting excited. This will be my very first trip to the USA. Unbelievable, I've really never been there even though all my sugar-sweet fans or at least most of them are from the USA. I'm really curious what awaits me there and just pack all my sexy outfits.
Jill Hardener | 02 Apr 2023

Onlyfans millionaires at RTL

Hello RTL! Hello World! The First Onlyfans Millionaires Trailler is coming soon!

As the founder of the Onlyfans Millionaires Community, I am thrilled to report that we've had some incredibly successful shooting days with RTL.
Jill Hardener | 07 Mar 2023

My Youtube channel

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to announce that I have started a new venture - my very own Youtube channel.

I am so excited to share my journey with all of you and connect with other digital creators from all around the world...
Jill Hardener | 19 Feb 2023
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