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RTL TV - From nude model to businesswoman


She is one of the most famous models of the erotic platform "Only Fans": Jill Hardener. After a very turbulent life in the beginning, which even brought Jill to prison, she took off with nude photos - and now earns millions. In Dubai, the model is now on a new mission. Hardener wants to help other women on Only Fans make big money.
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Pro7 uncovered Report on OnlyFans


Jill Hardener is one of the most successful Germans on OnlyFans. Even before she started using the platform, she built up an enormous reach with revealing pictures on Instagram. In an interview with Thilo Mischke, she reveals how she managed to become so successful on "Only Fans.
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Prosieben visits Jill in Dubai


To the outside world, Jill Hardener appears strong. But all that seems to be just a facade. Talking to the blonde, Thilo not only learns about her past, but also gets to know Jill from a completely different, vulnerable side.
video - language: de - duration: 04:30
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