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Jill's Story

Having successfully completed her A-level exams the stunning blonde beauty Jill Hardener finally found her way to Berlin.

After making the vibrant capital city of Germany her home base, Jill Hardener explored the real estate business and to being self-employed. From that point in time she was used to find herself in exclusive circles and was even not shy to deal with targets of million Euro value.

Jill loved to dominate men, actually she still enjoys it. Only for this reason she made money as well working as professional dominatrix.

As time went by Jill was starting to changing her own body in more and more extreme ways, hereby covering her body within five years with big sized and precise black and grey tattoos. Now her well trained body is only underlying her strong will and her determination to reach her goals set even higher.

As of now Jill is just about to become one of the most successful social media influencer in Germany.

By using her online channels Jill is promoting products she appreciates and uses for herself. She is only entering into collaboration agreements with enterprises producing goods or offering services she is really fancying herself.

Her sumptuous bachelorette´s flat in the center of Berlin is serving her as space of creativity, yet as place for recreation.

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Jill's Body

Height. 5,7 ft.
Weight: 127 lb.
Measurements: 36”/ 25” / 37”
Bra Size: 29” F cup
Dress Size: S/M
Shoe size; 7,5 (US)
Appearance : Nordic/European
Hair Color: blond
Tattoos: extensive black and grey
Piercings: Nipples, Intim

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