HABIBI - Come to Dubai

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HABIBI - Come to Dubai

Jill Hardener Official
Published by Jill Hardener in Jill Hardener · Sunday 05 Feb 2023
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Jills moving boxes

New Life, New Flat, New BLOG!

Welcome to my weekly Blog. Many of you know me already as Jill Hardener, the world famous german Tattoo-Model!

You probably heard already that I’m pretty successful and one of the biggest Digital-Creator worldwide.

One thing, you don’t know yet for sure - is that I love to connect with my fans!

That brought me the idea of creating this BLOG to keep you posted with all the exciting things, which are happening around me.

The last weeks have been pretty exciting and exhausting! RTL, one of the biggest TV Channels in Germany, is following my journey and the whole relocation.

RTL TV Germany

What started as a dream, is now becoming reality! My reality. You always have to work for your dreams, even if they seem impossible.

I've been living now for 2 months in one of the biggest metropolitan cities. DUBAI!

Photo from the airplane

You won’t believe me, but still in an almost empty flat. The container of my Italian Designer Furniture is lost for weeks! Between the madness of renovation and logistic horror, I’m still working on my book. I’m working daily, on me for you! Because - I love to create art for your pleasure.

THIS BLOG is about creative writing, to free my thoughts and share my experiences with my COMMUNITY! I want to take you on this journey with me and show you the other side of social media. The real side of me. Thank you.

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