My move in Dubai

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My move in Dubai

Jill Hardener Official
Published by Jill Hardener in Jill Hardener · Saturday 17 Jun 2023
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Dubai move

I found a beautiful new apartment and I immediately fell in love  right away.So I decided to rent this Beauty and move. The apartment has everything my heart desires. Among other things, even a large balcony, which I unfortunately did not have in my old Dubai apartment.

Jill's Dubai move

The apartment is very bright and large and I have a boat mooring place right at the foot of the tower. I still live in the marina because I don't want to leave this hood. I just like the sea too much for that. And the boats. It is just beautiful there and I do not want to leave. In addition to a 24-hour security, a pool, a spa area and a gym, there is also a games room with billiard table and table football.

Jill Hardener - Dubai move

Some cute and delicious restaurants are very close. A highlight is the beautiful view from the pool area. You directly look at the harbour and can enjoy the sunset there. My neighbours are very friendly. It is a nice community there and I am pretty proud to live there.

My new apartment in Dubai

The mall is within walking distance and I love walking along the Marina Walk. This one is right on my doorstep. I haven't celebrated an inauguration party yet. But soon, as soon as my stove was delivered and then of course I'll tell you how it was.

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