Gina Lisa Lohfink, me and Onlyfans

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Gina Lisa Lohfink, me and Onlyfans

Jill Hardener Official
Published by Jill Hardener in OnlyFans · Monday 19 Jun 2023
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Jill Hardener RTL

I know her from television for a long time. She was one of the most famous "Germanys next topmodel" contestants and since then she is well known in Germany. When I learned from a post that Gina Lisa would like to open an Onlyfans account, I offered myself directly as a coach and took it upon myself to make her start a little easier. A promo space on
my Onlyfans does so much.

I contacted Gina via Instagram and promptly got a response. How likeable.  So as part of a photo shoot, we met on a
beautiful summer day in Frankfurt to get to know each other. We hit it off right away and had a lot of fun together.

I would say we definitely have a similar sense of humor.

Girlfriend - Jill Hardener

And she likes to laugh as much as I do. Accompanied by the channel RTL we talked about common goals. Gina expressed great interest in the management of our agency LiaMoon.

She will be supported by me in any case. The pictures we have shot for Onlyfans have become bombastic. Two blond tattooed women. That's bangin'. And it was very pleasant to shoot with her. Professional.

She knows exactly what she's doing. We had everything in the can within a very short time. Among other things, we even stood together in the shower.

You can guess where you can find the pictures.  All in all it was a great day. At the end we had a delicious dinner at the
Steigenberger and got to know each other even better. I am very sure that we have not seen each other the last time.

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